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British Steam Car Vehicle Details

Exploded View of British Steam Car
Length 7.663 m  
Width 1.700 m  
Tall 1.700 m  
Weight 3 tonnes  
Engine Two stage turbine
13,000rpm max turbine revs
Transmission Rear wheel drive  
Power 268 kw 360 hp
Top speed 274 kph 170 mph
Fuel LPG Liquid Petroleum Gas
Burners 3 Megawatts of heat
~1,500 kettles
~23 cups of tea per second
Boilers 12
Over 3km of tubing
Steam Flow rate 40kg per minute
Temperature 400°C  
Pressure 4,000kN/m-2   40 bar
Chassis Steel space frame  
Steering Rack and pinion to front wheels
Body Front section carbon composite
Rear section aluminum panels
Front tyres Goodyear Speed Eagles 23 X 15
Rear tyres Goodyear Speed Eagles 28 X 15
Water capacity 140 litres deminerialised water
1,000 litres (1tonne) of water used every 25 minutes
Gas capacity 60 litres  
Air system 30,000kN/m-2 300 bar
Batteries 4 X 90Ah batteries  

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