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Public Relations and Media

The PR Brief:

The teams PR goal was to stimulate interest in alternative fuels and technologies, by informing the largest audience possible. The team wanted to gain support and recognition for their pioneering technology and attract and sustain sponsorship to continue with the endeavor.

By far the greatest PR challenge was the unreliability of the vehicle,

"one thing we could guarantee was that the car is reliably unreliable."
Project Manager Matt Candy.

This was at odds with the need to generate media coverage when the car was being developed. Waiting until it was completed and running perfectly wouldn't gain the media and public support. There was no advertising spend, marketing budgets, gimmicks or products to assist the campaign. The PR team generated regular media coverage by drip-feeding team news including its successes and failures. As a result of the pro-active publicity a vast amount of coverage appeared both pre and post record 1287 printed media was generated in the UK alone since April 2009.

"With very limited resources Eventageous PR created a loyal following of National and International media tracking the progress of the project."
Lynne Angel, Director, Steam Car Company Limited.

The following media coverage was achieved:

Internationally coverage appeared in:

Russia, Croatia, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Thailand, Israel, Dubai, Romania, Latvia, Poland, Taiwan, India

BBC 2 Documentary (on iPlayer) - to watch, please click on this link.

As a result Eventageous PR won a national Silver CIPR Pride Award for 'Best Use of Media Relations' in November 2009 for the work carried out on behalf of the team.

CIPR Pride Awards
For all media, tour or sponsorship enquiries, please contact:
Rebecca Nicholls on T: +44(0)1452 260063 or email:

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